March 2021
21 March DRESSAGE Online
All entries and payment below via paypal. Videos to be sent via whatsapp with your Name class & horses name to 07767374079. All tests will be marked by a BD Listed judge and whatsapp back to you.

Videos must be with me by Thursday the 18th March please.

It is £10 per class.

Classes are
Intro B
Intro C
Prelim 7
Prelim 12
Novice 27

No refunds and no late entries.
Results 21/03/21
Intro B
1st Kitty Sarah Watkins 69.78%
2nd Sunnybanks Tawnyhill Seren Williams 65.87%
Music Man
3rd Roo (Clooney) Laura Morgan 65.65%
4th Charlie Julie Ostermeyer 61.96%
Zeus Summer Braine 57.17%
Tulip Debbie Hartevald 56.09%
Abhain Kelly Griffin 55.43%
Frankie Grace Pearce 53.91%

Intro C
1st Spargo Lucy Ricahrds-Lowe 66.30%
2nd Roo Laura Morgan 65.65%
3rd Patch Julie Rees 61.74%
4th Flossy Amelia Rees 58.70%
Wayside HotGossip Hannah Evans 56.74%

Prelim 7
1st Sunnybanks Tawnyhill Seren Williams 65.45%
Music Man
2nd Aquila Rialto Morag Dickinson 63.41%
3rd Stanley Sophia Jenkins 62.27%
4th Fred Isabella Cook 61.14%
4th Jay Jay Ffion Parry 61.14%

Prelim 12
1st Aquila Rialto Morag Dickinson 62.78%

Novice 27
1st Bloxham Sparticus Elizabeth Nash 65.54%
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